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Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation Announces Election of Directors


TORONTO, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (the “Corporation”) (FC.TO) today announced that at the annual meeting (the “Meeting”) of shareholders of the Corporation held earlier today, all director nominees were elected as directors of the Corporation, as follows:

Nominee Votes “For” % Votes “For” Votes “Withheld” % of Votes “Withheld”
Geoffrey Bledin 5,332,534 99.43 30,739 0.57
Eli Dadouch 5,334,133 99.46 29,140 0.54
Morris Fischtein 5,085,842 94.83 277,431 5.17
Edward Gilbert 5,351,221 99.78 12,052 0.22
Stanley Goldfarb 5,098,982 95.07 264,291 4.93
Victoria Granovski 5,314,456 99.09 48,817 0.91
Anthony Heller 4,984,047 92.93 379,226 7.07
Jonathan Mair 5,339,665 99.56 23,608 0.44
Hon. Francis Newbould 5,350,380 99.76 12,893 0.24
Hon. Joe Oliver, P.C. 5,353,785 99.82 9,488 0.18
Keith Ray 5,350,721 99.77 12,552 0.23
Lawrence Shulman 5,347,830 99.71 15,443 0.29

*    The number of votes disclosed reflects proxies received by management of the Corporation in advance of the Meeting.

All other matters considered by shareholders at the Meeting were also approved, the details of which are contained in the Report on Voting Results regarding the Meeting filed by the Corporation on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.


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The Corporation, through its mortgage banker, Firm Capital Corporation, is a non-bank lender providing residential and commercial short-term bridge and conventional real estate financing, including construction, mezzanine and equity investments. The Corporation's investment objective is the preservation of shareholders' equity, while providing shareholders with a stable stream of monthly dividends from investments. The Corporation achieves its investment objectives through investments in selected niche markets that are under-serviced by large lending institutions. The Corporation is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada). Accordingly, The Corporation is not taxed on income provided that its taxable income is paid to its shareholders in the form of dividends within 90 days after December 31 each year. Such dividends are generally treated by shareholders as interest income, so that each shareholder is in the same position as if the mortgage investments made by the company had been made directly by the shareholder. Full reports of the financial results of the Corporation for the year are outlined in the audited financial statements and the related management discussion and analysis of Corporation, available on the SEDAR website at www.sedar.com. In addition, supplemental information is available on Corporation’s website at www.firmcapital.com.

For further information, please contact:

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation
Eli Dadouch
President & Chief Executive Officer
(416) 635-0221