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First Company Offering Supplements Specifically Developed for Cryotherapy

CRYOxCELLence is spearheading the business of application-specific supplements with its first release, tailored to maximize the benefits of cryotherapy.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CRYOxCELLence, founded by Kai Stubbe, is launching its new supplement line, designed explicitly for Cryotherapy, what is in Kai's blood. A figure of speech, of course. Kai is the Co-Founder of Cryo.com, Cryosc.com, and Cryo-Science.com, one of the leading groups in the CRYO space with full vertical integration of retail, manufacturing and service.

After doing CRYO sessions over and over with a wide range of clients, he sought to tailor each session to their individual needs by simultaneously increasing the benefits/efficiency. Kai went on an 18-month journey traveling the world to find the best products.

This MBA/Shaman/Spirithacker (Kai Stubbe) has gone on to create the world's first set of products produced specially for the cryotherapy industry. 

Those products are labeled SLIM, YOUTH, FOCUS, and SLEEP. Each of the products has a vast range of natural ingredients that may provide different benefits. More can be learned about each product at CRYOxCELLence.com.


Kai Stubbe
MBA/Shaman/Spiritual Hacker/Co-Founder of CRYOxCELLence





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