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fishbat Shares 4 Tips for Advertising to Clinical Trial Patients

NEW YORK, Dec. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- It behooves a business to invest in a long-term marketing strategy that features different tools. These can be used to share content, encourage engagements, and perform other actions that elicit the desired reaction from one's audience. For a clinical trial patient recruitment company, the tools that can be used for advertising are multitudinous. With this in mind, fishbat shares 5 tips for advertising to clinical trial patients.

Direct Marketing – In simple terms, direct marketing is the process by which information is shared right to a user. This alleviates the need for additional tools, making it one of the best options for clinical trial patient recruitment companies. Examples of direct marketing initiatives include, but aren't limited to, television commercials, email, and text messaging. These can be used to advertise to potential patients, driving a company's engagement rate in the process.

Social Media Marketing – With social media being commonplace in the business world, it's recommended that clinical trial companies use it for marketing purposes as well. These platforms are different, meaning that a unique strategy must be developed for each. The way that a company approaches Facebook, for instance, will be different compared to a strategy regarding Twitter. This applies to everything from how fans are interacted with to the types of content that are shared. Online advertising's value through social media can't be understated.

Search Engine Optimization – When a user researches a topic, be it in regard to clinical trials or otherwise, their first instinct is to perform an online search. This will provide them with multiple results, some of which rank higher than others. The reason for such rankings comes down to search engine optimization, which is influenced by web design, high-quality content, just to name a few variables. For businesses such as CTM patient recruitment company for clinical trials, SEO offers greater visibility to patients. With SEO being everchanging, it's advised that a company utilize a specialist.

Search Engine Marketing – SEO, as discussed earlier, falls under the broader umbrella known as search engine marketing. SEM focuses on a wide range of marketing approaches that, ultimately, influence the visibility of websites across different search engines. PPC, or pay-per-click, entails ads that are paid for when they're clicked. When a user clicks an ad, before being directed to a website, the company associated with the ad pays a fee. This is just one example of SEM at work. With this process in place, potential patients will find clinical trial websites upon searching specific terms.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service internet marketing agency specializing in clinical trial advertising. The fishbat team takes a holistic business approach to their clients' digital marketing programs but understanding the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to clinical trial brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs - all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.


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