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'A Fisherman's Tale', 'Star Wars: Vader Immortal', Facebook's Oculus win at VR Awards 2019

Fantastic voyage "A Fisherman's Tale" and the first part of fortress infiltration "Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series" came up winners at the VR Awards 2019, where Facebook's Oculus division was behind multiple category champs.

[A Fisherman's Tale - 360 Story Trailer: youtu.be/cRZ9Z4kHrXw]

Surreal, dreamlike puzzle adventure "A Fisherman's Tale" from French studio Innerspace VR won Game of the Year at the 2019 VR Awards, where Episode I of film franchise tie-in "Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series" was crowned VR Experience of the Year.

[Vader Immortal - Episode I trailer: youtu.be/rWfcMwMzfag]

Winning in VR Film of the Year was "Wolves in the Walls" which, along with "Vader Immortal," was one of several trophy winners developed with full or partial assistance from Facebook's VR division Oculus.

The company's $399 standalone, wireless VR headset, Oculus Quest, was launched in May 2019 and at the VR Awards was named Hardware of the Year; John Carmack, previously of groundbreaking 3D gaming company Id Software ("Wolfenstein 3D," "Doom," "Quake") and now Oculus's Chief Technology Officer, was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement award.

Film of the Year studio Fable, founded by an ex-Oculus Story Studio producer, won the accolade for Rising VR Company.

[Wolves in the Walls trailer: youtu.be/Qsp22z1I1m4]

Other awards at the November 11 ceremony went to "The 100% - Maggie's Story (VR Social Impact), "Oasis Pocket Adventure: The Infruinite Slide" (VR Marketing), "Working at Height" for Vodafone (VR Education and Training), "Fundamental Surgery" (VR Healthcare), Emblematic Group (Innovative VR Company) and "VIROO: Virtual Immersive Room by Virtualware" (VR Enterprise Solution).