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Fitbit Inspire HR review: Detailed fitness tracking for a low price

Alex Perry

Fitbit Inspire HR


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The Good

Impressive feature lineup for the price • Easy setup • comfortable to wear • Mobile app integration works seamlessly

The Bad

Serious lack of extra features • Mobile notifications on the watch screen are useless • Step counter a bit generous at times

The Bottom Line

It's easily the best value in Fitbit's product line, but don't expect a lot of bells and whistles.

⚡ Mashable Score 3.5

😎 Cool Factor 2.0

📘Learning Curve 2.5

💪Performance 4.0

💵 Bang for the Buck 4.5

I’ve never particularly liked wearing things on my wrists. Watches, wristbands and the like tend to be more distracting than not, and the fact that I have a phone on me at all times negates the time-keeping aspect of watch ownership. Read more...

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