Fitness on Fire: Meet Frank D'Agostino

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2019 / From fighting fires as a Yonkers, New York firefighter to changing lives at the gym he co-owns, Transform Fitness & Training , 27-year old Frank D’Agostino is proof that sparks can move mountains. The lululemon ambassador, entrepreneur and nutrition specialist has found a way to turn his passions into his job, and has been featured everywhere from Men’s Health to 914 Inc. The business owner and firefighter told us some of his secrets to making change happen in the business world:

Use Your Expertise to Fan the Flames: Some of the best businesses ever built are the ones that are based on personal passions and projects linked to a purpose. Frank always had an interest in health but his inspiration was ignited and accelerated while on the job as a firefighter. After witnessing illnesses from poor health issues that really could have been avoided or drastically subsided, D’Agostino decided that he wanted change other lives at a larger scale. “My brothers and I see every kind of medical emergency you can imagine and the toughest ones for me are the calls where the patient is cognitively perfect and alert but physically deteriorating due to not making exercise and nutrition a priority in life” D’Agostino tells us. “They have so much life to live and memories to make but somewhere throughout their lives, health was just not taken into consideration.”

Be All In and Don’t Be A Hypocrite: There’s almost nothing worse than a business owner or a person of influence who doesn’t practice what they preach -- but that’s not how D’Agostino likes to do things. As a fitness and nutrition specialist, D’Agostino uses his reach on social media and his unique profession as a fit person in a physically demanding job to set a huge example for those who follow D’Agostino and his business. “Anchor your goals to a purpose,” D’Agostino told us. “On the days that motivation isn’t enough, your purpose fuels your discipline.”

Find Your Why: Money isn’t the end-all, be-all when it comes to starting, running, and growing a business -- it’s actually the mentality behind it all that is what really helps the wheels spin, and finding the why that helps you maintain power, passion, and pride when tough times come. For D’Agostino, that “why” comes from deep inside his heart -- this was evident when speaking with him for this interview. He told us that he wants to “Empower others about real nutrition and give them the opportunity to make their own educated decisions when it comes to their health and wellness.”

Stemming from personal passions, a caring heart, and a smart business mindset, D’Agostino has created a captivating business, an inspirational social media presence, and a busy life filled with entrepreneurship on a New York firefighter schedule. By finding your why, jumping fully in, and using your expertise to help you grow, D’Agostino’s advice will also have you on the road to success.

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SOURCE: Transform Fitness & Training

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