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Five Home Tech Trends You Don't Want to Miss

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Five Home Tech Trends You Don't Want to Miss

A high-tech home of the future not only sounds cool, it can provide clever solutions that save you money and might even add to your property’s value.
In the accompanying video Ryan Serhant, a realtor on Bravo’s "Million Dollar Listing," shows us one client’s high-tech renovations. They may seem to be the ultimate in luxury, but they’re actually a top selling point for the home. Serhant estimates they add 10% to the property’s value.
We also pay a visit to New York tech showroom Savant Systems, which is all about automated solutions, to see the latest and greatest in Apple (AAPL) iOS innovations for the home. Advancements in technology and affordability mean these high-tech toys have become totally accessible to the average consumer. Executive vice president Jim Carroll gives us a tour.
According to Carroll, it was not so long ago that home automation was a $30,000 or $40,000 investment that only the rich and famous could afford. He says now all you need is an iOS or Android (GOOG) device to control your entire environment. As a result, Carroll sees these conveniences becoming as common as a television in the not-so-distant future.
Take a look at the accompanying video to explore the top five high-tech trends you don't want to miss:
1. True Image technology that allows you to control your television, lights, curtains and more — all from your iPad.

2. Mirrors that turn into televisions.

3. Drawers that become your refrigerator.

4. Voice-activated controls that allow you to power everything in your home on or off with a simple voice command.

5. SmartEnergy solutions that can save you money by monitoring your energy usage in real time, giving you a read of how much you are spending in wattage and dollars, right on your iOS device.