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Five Must-Do Preparation Steps If Your Home or Building Is in the Path of a Wildfire

Church Mutual Insurance Company provides tips to support California communities

Church Mutual Insurance Company:


With thousands of California homes and businesses lying in the paths of recent and future wildfires, communities are looking for steps to help protect their buildings. These five tips can save lives and property. Communities should always follow the advice of local authorities, including evacuation orders.



If communities anticipate future evacuation orders due to wildfires, follow these five steps to prepare your home or building for an approaching wildfire:





Shut off gas supply to your building
To reduce risks of feeding a fire, it’s standard practice by emergency response to shut off the gas supply or propane tanks to protect structures. Close all appliance valves and gas valves inside the building and do not move propane cylinders anywhere near the building.





Close all doors and windows
To prevent embers from entering the structure and igniting combustible materials, close all doors and windows. This helps prevent the structure from burning down from the inside out.





Turn off air conditioning
To prevent outside smoke from entering the home and causing preventable damage, turn off air conditioning within the building.





Remove leaves and other debris from the roof and gutters
If time allows, to prevent embers or flames to the roof and gutters, remove leaves and other debris. A best practice is to clean out gutters regularly and use noncombustible covers.





Create defensible space around the building
If time allows, remove combustible materials, like dead plants, weeds, grass, bushes and outdoor furniture cushions within a zero- to five-foot zone around the building. A best practice is to use materials such as gravel, brick or concrete adjacent to the building.

Additional Information available at: https://www.churchmutual.com/8443/Protecting-against-wildfires

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