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Five US patents granted for non-invasively treating migraine headaches in the most unexpected of ways - gentle air pressure changes in the ear

While current migraine treatments have limited effectiveness, and can have side effects or be unpleasant to use, Nocira® is harnessing the unique pressure-responsive neuroanatomy of the ear as a potential new frontier for rapid, effective relief via a safe, comfortable and pleasurable therapy

TEMPE, Ariz., Sept. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nocira, LLC announces its fourth and fifth US Patents, US 10,251,790 and 10,278,868, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office related to its novel approach for treating headaches via ear pressure modulation.

Nocira’s patented use of controlled puffs of air in the ears shows great promise for relieving migraines, via a therapy that is actually pleasant and enjoyable.

Nocira was the first to treat migraines using ear pressure modulation, and has continued to develop and evaluate the patented approach in a series of successful clinical studies, since over half a decade ago.  That extensive experience evolved into Nocira's investigational "Automated Variable Pressure Insufflation" (AVPI™) approach. A small pocketable air pressure device is connected via thin tubes to comfortable earpieces, similar to standard in-ear audio earbuds.  A mobile phone app controls pressures via Bluetooth®, and provides a UI and digital health platform.

"Nocira's growing patent portfolio reflects our pioneering leadership for ear pressure-based therapeutic neuromodulation," says Jim Peacock, CEO of Nocira. "AVPI especially proposes significant advantages under all three pillars for any successful medical device - safety, effectiveness, and adoptability." 

Dr. David George, a co-Founder, Chief Science Officer, and co-inventor for Nocira explains, "AVPI controls ear pressure changes to optimize therapeutic relief for each migraine attack in each patient, and yet to also remain comfortable and within published ear pressure safety limits. It also allows migraineurs to continue their activities while enjoying a hands-free, easy-to-use, pleasant, relieving therapy."

Nocira continues to develop and evaluate its patented, non-invasive AVPI migraine solution, and plans to submit for regulatory pre-market review and hopeful clearance in the near future.

About Nocira, LLC

Nocira is a pre-market medical device company committed to developing safe and rapidly effective, drug-free treatments for migraine headaches and other neurological disorders. Nocira has continued to innovate and conduct clinical research for its pioneering new ear pressure-based neuromodulation approach for more than half a decade.  More information is available at www.nocira.com

Patented and patent pending products of Nocira, LLC.  Nocira® is a registered trademark, and AVPI™ is also a trademark, of Nocira, LLC.  Copyright © 2019 Nocira, LLC (All Rights Reserved)

CAUTION:  Investigational Device.  Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use Only.


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