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Fixed Income Analysts Society Announces This Year's "Hall Of Fame" Award Winners

NEW YORK, April 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- For nearly three decades, the Fixed Income Analysts Society has recognized leaders and pioneers who have transformed capital markets and established enduring legacies. We are pleased to announce this year's "Hall of Fame" honorees:

  • Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., President and CEO of TIAA
  • Daniel J. Ivascyn, Group CIO and Managing Director of PIMCO
  • William F. Sharpe, Professor of Finance Emeritus of Stanford University

FIASI employs substantial rigor to evaluate qualified candidates for this prestigious award. As part of our vetting process, a screening committee consisting of past Hall of Fame honorees and emeritus FIASI Presidents reviews a broad range of market participants and researchers. The FIASI Board further evaluates candidate accomplishments, legacies and community contributions before selecting its honorees.

According to Robert Slowko, FIASI President, "Our thorough deliberations led to the selection of three, very deserving Hall of Fame honorees, for which there was consensus support with all three candidates." Steve Berkley, CEO of the Bloomberg Indices, stated "Roger Ferguson has a stellar legacy in both fixed income leadership at TIAA and regulatory oversight at the Fed during difficult times post 9/11." Dana Emery, CEO of Dodge and Cox, shared "Dan Ivascyn has had a dynamic career in fixed income: he has a proven track record as an investor and as PIMCO's Group CIO, leads PIMCO's 250-plus portfolio management team, overseeing $1.66 trillion in assets for investors around the world." Joyce Chang, Chair of Research at JPMorgan Chase, added "As evidenced by his receipt of the Nobel Prize in 1990, William Sharpe has established a lasting legacy in fixed income analysis with his ground breaking work on the Capital Asset Pricing Model and the creation of the ubiquitous 'Sharpe Ratio'."

FIASI's annual Hall of Fame gala provides a festive venue for market participants to recognize our industry's most esteemed professionals. The 2019 festivities will be held on June 6th from 6:00-9:30pm at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. Those interested in celebrating the achievements of Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Ivascyn and Dr. Sharpe by attending the gala, reserving a table or placing a congratulatory advert in the event brochure should contact FIASI's executive director Lauren Nauser (nauser@fiasi.org).

Robert Slowko, FIASI President

Larry White, FIASI Hall of Fame Chair



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