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New Year, New Fixed Term Bonds Available from Santander

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan 9, 2013) - Today (9 January 2013) Santander kick starts the New Year with the launch of a new range of competitive 1 and 2 year Fixed Rate Savings Bonds paying up to 2.40 per cent gross/AER, available in branch, by telephone and online. 

Fixed Rate Bond range

Term Tier Annual Gross Rate (AER) Monthly Gross Rate
1 Year £500+ 2.00% 1.98%
1 Year £200k+ 2.10% 2.08%
2 Year £500+ 2.30% 2.28%
2 Year £200k+ 2.40% 2.37%

Santander is also continuing to offer a highly competitive fixed rate bond, which is available exclusively to new and existing Santander 123 Current Account or 123 Credit Card customers. The bond has an 18 month term with an interest rate up to 2.60 per cent gross AER. It requires a £500 minimum opening deposit and customers can save up to £2 million.

18 Month Fixed Rate Bond*

Term Maturity Tier Annual Gross Rate (AER) Monthly Gross Rate
18 months 01/08/2014 £500+ 2.50% 2.47%
18 months 01/08/2014 £200,000+ 2.60% 2.57%
* An exclusive offer for new and existing 123 Current Account or 123 Credit Card customers.

Matt Hall, Head of Savings at Santander: "We''re starting 2013 with a new range of fixed rates which offer savers the peace of mind of knowing exactly what they will receive from the outset.

"And we''re continuing to offer the 18 Month Fixed Rate Bond for new and existing Santander customers who hold a 123 Current Account or 123 Credit Card. These customers can receive a rate of up to 2.60 per cent as well as benefiting from the cashback and in credit interest on their 123 Current Account and cashback on their 123 Credit Card. As always, bonds are a limited offer, so customers wishing to take advantage should act now to secure these rates."

Customers can apply for these fixed rate bonds either by visiting any local branch of Santander, www.santander.co.uk or by contacting Santander by telephone on 0800 234 6065. The 18 Month Fixed Rate Bond is only available in branch and by telephone. Customers must be happy to lock their money away for the full term as early closure or withdrawals are not permitted until maturity.

Santander''s ''123 World''

The Santander 123 Current Account and 123 Cashback Credit Card are designed to help customers save money. The 123 Credit Card pays up to 3% cashback on household spend. While Santander''s unique ''123 Current Account'' pays cashback on utilities, council tax, Santander mortgage payments and communications direct debits set up on a customer''s account, as well as up to 3% in-credit interest on balances up to £20,000.

Santander provides a simple to use online calculator which customers can personalise to their own household bills and spending to see how much they could save in a year.

Product benefits

123 Cashback credit card pays cashback

  1. 1% cashback on supermarkets
  2. 2% cashback on department stores
  3. 3% cashback on petrol stations and National Rail and Transport for London

New 123 current account pays cashback on household direct debits

  1. 1% cashback on water, council tax and Santander mortgages
  2. 2% cashback on electricity and gas
  3. 3% on mobile, home phone, broadband, and paid-for TV packages

New 123 current account also pays in-credit interest

  • 1% AER on the entire balance, once the customer''s balance is £1,000 or over
  • 2% AER on the entire balance, once the customer''s balance is £2,000 or over
  • 3% AER on the entire balance, once the customer''s balance is £3,000 or over (up to £20,000)

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