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Flappy Bird Will Return to Smartphones in August, Creator Announces

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Get ready to hit Restart on one of the most infuriating smartphone games ever. 

Dong Nguyen, creator of the hit craze Flappy Bird, told CNBC that he is bringing back the addicting game, possibly in August. Nguyen had pulled the game from both the iOS and Android app marketplaces in February of this year at the peak of its popularity, saying that it had become too addicting. Nguyen made the move despite making a reported $50,000 per day from the game.

Hundreds of clones and knockoffs followed, many of which became successful; one report said that, in the immediate aftermath of Flappy Bird’s removal, one-third of all games submitted to the App Store were knockoffs of the Flappy app. And though the clones were many, none possessed the simple, infuriating gameplay of the original Flappy Bird. 

The game will come in a new multiplayer version, Nguyen said in the interview, which he hopes will lessen its addictive powers. 

You can read our original review of Flappy Bird here. In the meantime, you’ll have to wait a few months until Flappy Bird returns to the App Store. Might we suggest a different addicting game or two?

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