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FlashZero Corp.: So What's the Big Deal About FlashZero?

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2015) - FlashZero Corp. ( OTC PINK : FZRO ) has observed an important trend involving Internet commerce and services. Retail vendors and service providers focused on the mainstays, offering quality, ubiquity and immediacy to their customers, have been hugely successful. But with their success something entirely unexpected has emerged.

Social media, mobility and big data are influencing consumer expectations in a surprising new way. Our priorities are shifting and we are moving up Maslow's hierarchy to a new level, one that fulfills our need to engage in more intimate, personal ways and to be acknowledged for who we really are. The shift has been subtle, yet prolific, and its implications are more than a little tricky for Internet vendors and service providers. Not only must they offer a wide range of high quality products with immediate delivery; now they must do it in a way that makes us feel understood and acknowledged and that is perceived as sincere and genuine, without making us feel "creepy" or violated. And that is not an easy proposition.

Add to this another factor that adds to the complexity. We have a growing need to feel secure in our interactions without our privacy being violated, exploited or abused. Taken together these developments offer an opportunity for someone to fill the gap by creating a new form of service, one that engages us in personally-relevant ways and helps us meet our most intimate needs; and while doing so, ensures our personal privacy and security. 

FlashZero sees the emerging opportunity and is developing a lifestyle platform to offer consumers a more intimate and fulfilling, purpose-driven experience. Most important, it will assure privacy and security. FlashZero will exploit key Internet service markets via three sequentially deployed service offerings:

A. "Spark" targeted resource matching and connection. A "Spark" is a new form of reaching out and connecting with relevant sources on the Internet. This service will give users the ability to identify, connect and communicate with relevant ecommerce / project resources. Connection will be instantaneous and will allow users to take meaningful action with other interested, pre-qualified global resources that possess the ability to further a user's project or cause. Examples are building a product, or implementing a creative project such as writing a song, and engaging in other lifestyle causes, actions and activities.

For example a budding songwriter will be able to initiate a "Spark" to identify resources for co-creating a new song with a global songwriting team. Or, a person interested in social activism might create a "Spark" to trigger a social cause, mobilizing supportive resources in a matter of moments. And as a third example, an entrepreneur might create a "Spark" for a cooperative development team that assists with building a new product.

B. "FlashAccess resource fulfillment. This service will give users the ability to engage in global ecommerce with the connections triggered by "Sparks". Consumers will be able to leverage the new form of specificity offered by "Sparks" to find the right vendor the first time, every time. In addition FlashZero will know consumer preferences for handling purchase transactions and will manage the process, including making the contact, paying for the item, and having it delivered to the consumer's doorstep.

The FlashAccess service will also offer a new level of service for vendors and advertisers, turning the limited real estate of smart phones into a powerful new avenue for identifying pre-qualified prospects and offering an expansive, virtually unlimited medium for qualifying, presenting and closing.

C. "FlashSpace" virtual engagement venue. As FlashZero's service builds, the platform will offer users an enhanced and secure venue for comprehensive engagement and interaction via "FlashSpaces." This service will give users (consumers and advertisers) a highly secure, scalable venue where they will be able to engage with others and conduct their business and lifestyle activities. Users will be able to do things like creating a movie script, or taking a virtual test ride in a new car while interacting with global sources. 

User interaction will occur in a totally secure, protected space without fear of privacy infringement or disclosure. Also, users will have full control of their identity (personal "DNA") and its availability to the outside world. Users will show only that version of themselves that they wish to be seen and unwanted inquiries will be eliminated.

Taken together FlashZero's services can and will be both exciting and transformative. They will also be profitable. FlashZero will obtain revenue from ecommerce transaction fees for the purchase of goods and services and through ancillary financial services such as money transfers and capitalization services. The service will charge advertisers fees to access pre-qualified customers and for preferential and on-site ad placement. A third source of revenue will be qualified data sales to third parties.

More information about FlashZero's new service platform is forthcoming. Please visit the Company's website at www.flshzro.com for additional information.

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