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FlattenToZero.org Details an Innovative Approach to End the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thirty Days

·4 mins read

FlattenToZero.org Details an Innovative Approach to End the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thirty Days

FlattenToZero.org Details an Innovative Approach to End the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thirty Days

PR Newswire

HONOLULU, April 23, 2020

HONOLULU, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Daily Wellness Company launched FlattenToZero.org, a public service campaign to help end the COVID-19 pandemic decisively. The call-to-action is for each person is to act rather than wait for someone else to solve the problem: https://flattentozero.org

This is an urgently needed approach that doesn't force us to choose between saving lives or the economy and yields the best outcome from the sacrifices we've made thus far. Key elements of this approach include:

  1. Enhancing current efforts to end the spread decisively instead of just slowing it down

  2. How this can be done while maintaining essential services and public freedom

  3. Building public awareness, education and support necessary for success

The plan exploits the key weakness that virologists and medical experts know with certainty about the virus. This virus is non-persistent, meaning that once an infected person fully recovers they are no longer carriers of the virus. This is the same principle behind "flatten the curve," the objective Dr. Anthony Fauci and public health experts are trying to achieve with our current lockdown.

The Flatten To Zero website explains the challenges managing the pandemic, the science behind the virus and its weakness, and specific details on how to enhance our current measures to eliminate the virus from existence in thirty days. It includes innovative solutions such as "cluster housing" to maintain essential services and business operations while denying opportunity for the virus to spread. The site is meant to be a focal point for education and end misconceptions about the virus as well as facilitate a much needed national conversation about a better approach to save lives and the economy.

Experts in medicine and life science agree that Flatten to Zero is the best solution. Their doubt is whether the public will comply. Government leaders would prefer this, but also doubt that they can get public support. In short, the biggest deterrent lies in the fact that the public isn't convinced that compliance will help.

This project is designed to overcome this problem. By creating a groundswell of knowledge, hope, unity, mutual support and peer pressure we can end the pandemic and the fear embedded in all of us. Our nation is already witnessing a social shift as people change their behavior in ways unimaginable a few months ago. We need to take it a few steps further to end the pandemic decisively. Support from government leaders, business executives, and the general public can make that happen. It needs to happen immediately as both our economy and patience for drawn-out measures are rapidly waning.

The current approach to pandemic management has put us at a difficult crossroad. We've been asked to stay at home and put our economy on life support in order to save lives. If we don't restart our economy soon, it will collapse. If we restart too soon, a second wave of cases will also lead to collapse. Furthermore, preventing a second wave is a gamble because it relies on testing and tracing that is months away from being widely available or reliable. Uncertainty of drug therapy, and a vaccine are over a year away.

There are numerous additional perils. Restarting the economy with the virus lurking means that apprehension and uncertainty will continue to cripple the economy and restrict our day-to-day lives. The existence of the virus in the human population also opens the door for a deadlier mutation to occur; an unlikely, but very possible scenario.

The only solution available today that can resolve the pandemic decisively is a Flatten To Zero approach.

The Daily Wellness Company has been active in the medical research community for the past twenty years. In the validation of its proprietary formulas, it has sponsored clinical studies at Stanford University, Yale University, and Wake Forest University. Denny W. Kwock, President & CEO of the Daily Wellness Company, was a retrovirus researcher in the 1980's during the AIDS pandemic. His published research was instrumental in developing screening methodologies that culminated in FDA trials on testing to prevent infection from donated blood. Learn more at www.DailyWellness.com

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