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FlexFridge, Inc. in Talks with Leading Mini-Fridge Manufacturers to Bring the World's First Foldable Mini-Fridge to Market

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2016 / FlexFridge Inc. (FLXR), The world's first foldable mini-fridge company, has been talking with leading mini-fridge and refrigeration manufacturers to bring the world's first foldable mini-fridge to market. Our goal is to partner up with a company who has the infrastructure to mass produce the foldable mini-fridges.

FlexFridge Features

- Retractable handle and back wheels
- Folding side walls
- DC input and on-board 8 hr battery pack
- Total of 4 cubic ft. storage. 15% of this serves as a freezer
- 1 dividing shelf in fridge compartment
- Interior LED Lighting
- Locking door and durable metal construction
- A tracking beacon powered by an independent battery
- Independent battery-operated tracking beacon
- Maximum refrigeration temp of 50 degrees F (10C.)
- Cools to a minimum freezing temp of 27 degree F (3C.)

FlexFridge will offer a series of flexible, mini-refrigerators that utilize wheels and a handle for transportation and mobility. Businesses, hotels, and individual consumers can make use of this portable mini-fridge for a variety of purposes, including: hotel guest rental, outdoor parties, and dorm rooms.

The FlexFridge is the first device of its kind. Its built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to eight hours of mobile refrigeration, and its gyroscopic compressor means it can be stored in any position and still function perfectly.

Those interested can see the FlexFridge for themselves at www.flexfridge.com and opt into the newsletter to stay up to date with the progress of the world's first foldable compact fridge.

About FlexFridge, Inc.

FlexFridge is a four-cubic-foot, foldable portable mini-fridge. It was designed to allow students, campers, hotels, and businesses easy access to spacious fridge-space. Customers can utilize the compact fridge in their dorm rooms, RVs, hotel rooms, or offices. FlexFridge has all the convenience of a cooler with all the power of a fridge.


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