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Flexline Fitness Launches Leaderboard Technology

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IHRSA Booth #2837 -- Flexline Fitness, a leader in group strength training equipment and programming, today announced the world's first leaderboard for strength training. As health club owners look to provide a unique client experience, Flexline's leaderboard technology delivers a competitive advantage by displaying performance data to create a sense of community, competition and gamification never before available for strength training.

"We've seen an insatiable appetite for the quantified-self across the fitness industry but, to date, the strength community has been left out, especially in a group setting," said Brandon Kennington, founder and chief product officer of Flexline Fitness. "For the first time, health clubs can display performance data to create a sense of community, competition, and gamification never before available for strength training. This translates to more engaged members and increased renewals and profits for owners."

See videos of the Flexline Fitness Leaderboard in action in a group setting and an overview of functionality.

The heart of the Flexline Fitness system is the Flexline Air Dynamic Cable Trainer (Air DCT). The Air DCT tracks performance data, such as weight, reps, energy, power, and heart rate. The Flexline leaderboard mirrors this data on large screens, providing individual performance as well as aggregate whole group performance to foster both competition and community in group classes. 

In addition to releasing their leaderboard, Flexline Fitness has created an open API for the software development community. The open API allows a community of software developers to design customized and compelling offerings to match a wide variety of experience levels and programming.

Flexline is excited to announce its first two software development partners, FitMetrix and Fitplay. FitMetrix provides state-of-the-art technology to customize branded solutions, product integrations and real-time results under one complete platform. In this partnership, FitMetrix plans to fully integrate with the Flexline Air DCT alongside their other offerings. FitPlay is a startup focused on developing leaderboard and Flexline programming.

Flexline will be demonstrating their leaderboard technology alongside FitMetrix and FitPlay at IHRSA, booth #2837, at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 9-10.

About Flexline Fitness
Founded in 2014, Flexline is ushering in a new era in group strength training: the perfect weight at every moment. Flexline's patent pending Air Dynamic Cable Trainer (DCT) couples pneumatic pistons with Smart Handles, allowing you to adjust weight on the fly at the touch of a button and quantify your workout. Flexline's mission is to create solutions that combine fitness and technology to improve the health of our customers by making personal fitness convenient, engaging, effective and fun.


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