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Flight Attendants Reveal Their Favorite Places To Travel

Gabrielle Olya

When it comes to travel, flight attendants have seen it all. From luxurious vacation destinations to famous metropolitan cities, their job takes them to some of the most beautiful places in the world. As everyday jet-setters, their expertise, travel tips and insight are definitely coveted.

If you’re looking for vacation ideas — or just have wanderlust — find out where these travel insiders say are the best places to travel.

Barcelona, Spain

The beauty of this Spanish city made it a favorite place to visit for flight attendants with Air New Zealand, according to a blog post on the airline’s website. The average daily price for traveling in Barcelona is $131, and the average price of a hotel for two people is $167, according to Budget Your Trip. While traveling in the city, you can take a tapas walking tour for $74 or behold Barcelona’s medieval buildings in the Gothic Quarter for $78, among many other price-friendly activities.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city or a fast-paced lifestyle, book your next summer trip to the Southeastern city of Fort Lauderdale. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, and you can take boat trips that offer sight-seeing, fishing or both.

“This destination is one of the frequently visited places by Americans looking to unwind from their busy lives, as well as those looking to escape the Northern U.S. winter,” flight attendant Natalie Turner wrote in a piece for the online platform Odyssey. “Shopping on Las Olas Boulevard and relaxing at the beach are just two of my favorite things to do in this city.”

Although it’s a big city, at an average of $118 a day, Fort Lauderdale is not as expensive as other destinations on this list. Also, the average price of a hotel for a couple is $137, according to Budget Your Trip.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city full of sights and sounds, and it’s guaranteed to be a cool place to vacation, according to flight attendants for Air New Zealand. There are a lot of things that make Hong Kong special, but the city’s skyline from the famous Victoria Harbour is a sight to behold. Be prepared to spend an average of $139 daily, according to Budget Your Trip data.


Hawaii might be considered the ideal getaway for many people already, but it’s also a must-see place for flight attendants. Air New Zealand’s flight attendants put Honolulu among 10 of the world’s best places to visit. In addition to being the birthplace of former President Barack Obama, Honolulu has some of the best beaches around. The best time to visit is from mid-April to early June or between September and mid-December.

Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is an expensive city, nothing compares to getting a taste of Hollywood life and the beautiful weather. Whether you want to chill out in Malibu or Venice Beach, take a stroll down Rodeo Drive or explore the nightlife, there is always something to do.

“When you are in Los Angeles, be sure to check out the iconic Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Manhattan Beach and The Grove [shopping mall], where you may be able to spot some celebrities,” Turner wrote.

But like in many big cities, the price to visit is higher. You’re looking at spending an average of nearly $200 a day in Los Angeles, according to Budget Your Trip data.

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Another beautiful beach destination, the South Asian country of the Maldives is one of the best tropical vacation places to visit and a frequent destination among Qatar Airways flight attendants, according to The Best Travel Places. The blue lagoons and clear beaches are what continue to attract travelers year-round.

The best part of visiting this country might not just be the scenery, but also the prices. The average daily price for traveling in the Maldives is $60, and a hotel room for a couple will set you back only $84, according to Budget Your Trip.

Narita, Japan

Air New Zealand flight attendants recommend sightseeing and experiencing the culture throughout Japan, and highlight Narita as a place to go. Once there, they recommend exploring the village as well as the local temple.

Fortunately, Narita is a relatively affordable place to visit — a double-occupancy hotel room averages $56 a night, meals for one day average $25 and local transportation averages $9 a day, according to Budget Your Trip.

Norfolk Island, Australia

“Small but incredibly beautiful, Norfolk Island, placed between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, is highly recommended,” said the Air New Zealand flight attendants in a blog post.

The scenic island offers plenty to do, from snorkeling in Emily Bay to learning more about the island’s history at the Norfolk Island Museum.

Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Turner rated this island destination her No. 1 place to visit in the Odyssey piece. She specifically recommended staying at the Atlantis Hotel, calling it “arguably the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at.”

“The interior is marvelous with its displays of exquisite decor,” said Turner. “The exterior is massive with a few wonderfully notable features [including] the large seahorse sculptures atop and throughout its architectural extent. Other than its impressive architecture, the amenities are where the real fun is at. The Atlantis houses many captivating sources of entertainment both in and around its grounds, from its enormous water-slide (resembling an Aztec Ziggurat) to its sub-surficial aquarium, where you can observe sea life from a whole new perspective.”

The amenities plus the pleasant weather make this Turner’s favorite destination.


Lawrence Caliari, a former flight attendant with Continental Airlines — now United Airlines — said Paris is one of his favorite travel destinations. Popular attractions in the capital city include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées.

But a trip to the City of Love doesn’t come cheap. Expect to spend $180 per person per day, with the average cost of a double-occupancy hotel room at $231, according to Budget Your Trip.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Air New Zealand flight attendants chose Queenstown as their No. 1 travel destination.

“Queenstown comes highly recommended for anyone wanting to travel to New Zealand,” one attendant said, according to the Air New Zealand blog post.

The picturesque town sits on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu and offers plenty of activities for adventurous types, including bungee jumping off the Kawarau Suspension Bridge. If a low-key vacation is more your speed, you can sip wine while exploring the local vineyards. Expect to pay $91 a day per person during your trip, according to Budget Your Trip data.


Caliari also named Rome as one of his favorite places to travel.

“I loved flying to Rome and connecting to my family’s Italian roots and using my language skills,” he said. “Not to mention making friends and eating at the hidden gem restaurants only the locals knew.”

Exploring the cuisine is just one part of the excitement of visiting the Italian city, which is rich in history. Popular places to see while there include the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain.

San Francisco

For multiple flight attendants, this Bay Area city is a must-visit travel destination. Turner wrote that San Francisco is the ultimate vacation trip to book if you want to experience the “‘melting pot’ of American culture at its finest.”

“San Francisco offers you a unique opportunity to explore some integral parts of American history including the Japanese/Korean/Mexican/Hispanic immigration, the birth of the Gay Pride movement and their fight for equality … and even the growth of American technology with the influence from Silicon Valley,” Turner wrote.

But keep in mind that San Francisco ranks among the most expensive cities in the U.S. Booking a hotel or hostel can set you back $103 per night, according to Budget Your Trip.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Although Puerto Rico might still be recovering from the devastation of 2017’s hurricane season, the city of San Juan is a must-see travel destination, according to Turner.

“Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to relax and unload the stress of daily life,” Turner wrote. “Its pristine warm-water beaches, majestic rainforests and unique culture make it a terrific vacation destination.”

You’ll need an average of $140 per day to experience the city, according to Budget Your Trip.


This metropolitan hub comes highly recommended by Air New Zealand flight attendants.

“Shanghai is great for bargains, great food and culture,” one flight attendant said in the blog post.

Cultural highlights include the Yu Garden, the historic Nanjing Road and the Longhua Temple. Visiting Shanghai costs an average of $96 per person per day, according to Budget Your Trip.

Vancouver, Canada

If you’re traveling during the winter, Vancouver is a must-visit destination, the Air New Zealand flight attendants said in the blog post.

“Snowboarding in Whistler is a must,” said one flight attendant.

The average cost to visit Vancouver is $117 per person per day, according to Budget Your Trip.

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