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FlixBus Encourages Students to Come to the Financial Aid of Parents

"Save Our Parents" Campaign Rewards Students for Spending Less on Transportation with the Chance to Receive a Free Year of Travel

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst the increasingly rising cost of education and travel in America, FlixBus is empowering college students to give back to the parents who have supported them. FlixBus today announced its "Save Our Parents" campaign, a program aimed at mobilizing students nationwide to cut down on the travel costs parents often incur to help students travel between home and campus.

According to a recent CollegeBoard study, out-of-state tuition, fees and room and board for public colleges in the 2018-2019 academic year averaged at $37,430, and $48,510 for private institutions.

"Sending your children off to college should be a moment of complete joy and pride for parents," said Pierre Gourdain, Managing Director of FlixBus USA. "However, with the rising cost of education, this moment can also come with a sense of dread. Many parents don't know when they will see the student again, as travel costs are also increasing. Through the 'Save Our Parents' campaign, we hope to empower students to show their appreciation for their parents and provide them with some financial support by taking the bus back home."

"Save Our Parents" asks students to pledge to travel by FlixBus as they shuttle between home and campus this academic year. Students simply need to commit to the pledge on Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #SaveOurParents. Three lucky parent-conscious students will receive the grand prize of a year's-worth of free FlixBus travel in the continental US.

"While we know this cost savings will not fully unburden parents from their financial woes," added Gourdain, "we know that every little bit helps."

For more information on sweepstakes rules and details visit. https://www.flixbus.com/saveourparents.

A Route Network Built for Students
FlixBus, the German-born bus company that launched in 2018 in the United States, is preparing for a rise in ridership with universities back in session. Unlike other long-distance travel providers, FlixBus builds its route networks to cater to students, with approximately 20% of all FlixBus stops either directly on or adjacent to college campuses.

In addition to being convenient, FlixBus is also the most environmentally-friendly and often inexpensive method of long-distance transportation. According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, the bus is, by far, the most sustainable method of travel. And, with FlixBus, tickets start at $4.99.

"Students make up 30% of FlixBus' global ridership, so, when we launched in the United States, we made sure universities were a top priority when planning stops. In many cases, FlixBus is the only inter-city bus provider servicing these campuses," said Pierre Gourdain, Managing Director of FlixBus Inc. "Our mission is smart and green mobility for everyone to experience the world, and we want to make sure students are aware of this."

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About FlixMobility
FlixMobility is a young mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly travel via the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, the startup has quickly established Europe's largest long-distance bus network and launched the first green long-distance trains in 2018 as well as a pilot project for all-electric buses in Germany and France. Since 2013, FlixMobility has changed the way over 100 million people have traveled throughout Europe and created thousands of new jobs in the mobility industry. In 2018, FlixMobility launched FlixBus USA to bring this new travel alternative to the United States.

From locations throughout Europe and the United States, the FlixTeam handles technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing & sales, quality management and continuous product expansion. The daily scheduled service and green FlixBus fleet is managed by bus partners from regional SMEs, while FlixTrain operates in cooperation with private train companies. Through these partnerships, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong international brand meet the experience and quality of tradition. The unique combination of technology start-up, e-commerce platform and classic transport company has positioned FlixMobility as a leader against major international corporations, permanently changing the European mobility landscape. Further company news and pictures can be found in the newsroom.


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