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Florida Nonprofit Sector Provides Payroll of $26 Billion Annually; 83,000 Nonprofits Statewide Generate $90 Billion in Annual Revenue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Florida nonprofit sector workforce has grown 40 percent over the past decade, and nonprofits now employ more than 530,000 people, or 6 percent of the state's workforce.

Florida has also seen an 80 percent increase in the number of nonprofit organizations to 83,000 and a similar increase in payroll to $26 billion annually, according to a report and analysis released today by the Florida Nonprofit Alliance (FNA).

"The growth and contributions we've seen from nonprofit organizations and leaders over the past decade are staggering," said Sabeen Perwaiz, executive director of FNA, which advocates on behalf of nonprofits and seeks to create a more vibrant community for them. "The public and private sectors of the economy often draw considerable attention, but this reports demonstrates the strength of the nonprofit sector and its importance statewide. We're continuing to work with nonprofits, business leaders and state legislators to create new opportunities."

The FNA's first-ever nonprofit economic impact report is available online at FLNonprofits.org/page/EconomicImpact

The report yielded significant findings including an increase in nonprofit workforce from 380,000 to 520,000 over the past decade and an increase in the number of nonprofits statewide from 46,587 to 83,449.

The state's nonprofit sector now generates nearly $90 billion in annual revenue (up from $48 billion annually a decade ago). Assets held by the nonprofit sector are up more than 2.5 times from $76.2 billion to $205.7 billion.

During the past decade, the Southeast region of Florida surpassed the Tampa Bay region as the largest nonprofit provider.

The FNA study was funded primarily by JP Morgan Chase and the data will be updated every two years. Additional sponsors include Florida Blue Foundation, Jessie Ball duPont Fund and The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida.

"This study helps us address many of the challenges nonprofits face and have talk about including better education for political leaders and the community on the impact of nonprofits," Perwaiz said.

About Florida Nonprofit Alliance
FNA is a statewide coalition of nonprofits focused on research, collaboration and advocacy. Our mission is to inform, promote and strengthen Florida's nonprofit sector. We provide a collective voice at the state and national levels, educating elected officials and constituents, and serve as a central resource and referral center for and about nonprofits. Visit www.flnonprofits.org.

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