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Floyd Mayweather brags about buying $18M diamond-coated watch

Floyd Mayweather, famous for cashing giant checks and getting into IRS trouble, boasted about buying an $18 million watch on Wednesday. (AP)

Floyd Mayweather is famously flippant with his money.

The undefeated fighter is known as much for domestic violence and money woes as he his for his remarkable boxing prowess.

Mayweather’s history of tax trouble

In 2017, the IRS filed a lien against Mayweather claiming he owed $22.2 million in taxes from 2015. He had to request a reprieve from the IRS on taxes owed until cashing his massive paycheck for fighting Conor McGregor.

On Wednesday, Mayweather demonstrated the kind of purchase that leads a man cashing nine-figure paychecks to trouble with the IRS.

Mayweather’s $18 million watch

He posted an Instagram video bragging about buying a watch that’s literally made out of diamonds. It’s not diamond-encrusted or diamond-studded. The body and the band of the watch are made out of diamonds.

He claims he spent $18 million on the timepiece.

Mayweather implored his followers to research what’s know as “The Billionaire Watch.”

We obliged. Here’s video with a little bit of background and perspective on the watch made by Jacob & Co. and coated with 260 carats of diamonds set on 18-karat white gold.

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