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Floyd Mayweather Jr: ‘Only god can judge me’ - retired boxer opens up on mistakes and legacy in the ring

Jack Rathborn
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Floyd Mayweather Jr: ‘Only god can judge me’ - retired boxer opens up on mistakes and legacy in the ring

Floyd Mayweather Jr insists only god can judge him despite admitting to making mistakes in his life.

The former world champion has been found guilty of multiple counts of domestic violence and battery throughout his career.

And despite retiring several times with a perfect, unbeaten record, Mayweather concedes he has made mistakes.

“I’m not perfect,” Mayweather told CNN’s Talk Asia. “I made mistakes in my life, but when it’s all said and done, only God can judge me.

“There’s nothing that I wouldn’t give my children. What’s important in life is not how much money you make, but how much money you can invest and put up, and it’s about making your money work for you.

“I’m just blessed way beyond belief. I had a great team behind me. I really believed in myself, believed in my skills, believed in my talent. And the main thing is just believing and working extremely hard.”

Mayweather featured in an exhibition match in Japan last September, knocking out Tenshin Nasukawa, with the experience a long-standing goal of the five-weight former world champion.

“It’s always been one of my goals. Go outside the U.S. and compete as a professional [doing] what I love to do – and that’s to entertain,” Mayweather said.

“As an amateur, I was able to do it in different countries. But as a professional, all 50 fights were in America, because I was the A-side. Even right now, I’m the A-side. But it’s all about excitement and entertainment. I love Japan, I love the people.”

The riches experienced throughout his career are in stark contract to Mayweather’s upbringing, he remembers, with his parents encountering trouble with drugs.

Floyd Mayweather admits he’s made mistakes (Getty)

“A lot of times, when you’re in that situation, the only thing now is what you see,” Mayweather reveals. “My dad went to prison for a drug conspiracy. My mom was on drugs…

“But I still loved her unconditionally. I still love my dad unconditionally, because my dad went out there and took chances to put food on the table for his family.”