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FlyBlocks Launches a 4 in 1 Build N' Fly Drone Kit on its E-commerce Website

An Educational Drone that can be Built, Crashed and Rebuilt!    

TORONTO, July 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - FlyBlocks (www.flyblocks.com) fills a gap in the drone market with its do-it-yourself kit, the 4 in 1 Build N' Fly Drone, which is now available through its e-commerce website. The company's mandate is to provide an educational STEM toy that encourages hands-on learning.

FlyBlocks specializes in constructible drones that teach the principles of robotics, engineering, aerodynamics and more. This new addition to the STEM toy industry expands flyers' intellectual horizons with the ability to be built, flown, crashed and rebuilt.

"The U.S. education system lags behind other developed countries," said Arie Sibonney, President, FlyBlocks. "Part of our mandate is to foster STEM skills with an affordable drone that caregivers and educators can easily buy online while adding value to children's education."

With 72 components that include blocks, motors, a circuit board, blades and more, drone enthusiasts and first-time flyers can create four different models that can be built with 4 or 6 axis. The FlyBlocks' drone was designed so it can be easily assembled while offering additional pieces for a more advanced experience. The durable components allow the drone to withstand flight tests so users can crash and repeat. The development of valuable problem solving, critical thinking and real world application skills are the end result.

"With FlyBlocks, our goal is to provide consumers with a multi-challenging product," said Arie Sibonney, President, FlyBlocks. "We developed the drone to support simple designs for beginners and advanced designs for experts. We see a frontier to be explored in the do-it-yourself drone toy category, and we are excited to introduce the 4 in 1 Build N' Fly Drone Kit."

The 4 in 1 Build N' Fly Drone Kit is available for ages 14+ and retails for $59.95.

For more information on FlyBlocks visit www.flyblocks.com.  

About FlyBlocks:
is an innovative DIY drone company that creates immersive experiences through the seamless integration of technology and snap on pieces to create the ultimate flying experience. The first brand to be launched by FlyBlocks is the 4 in 1 Build N' Fly Drone Kit, which includes 72 components to build a drone. FlyBlocks offers a unique educational experience for everyone and will continue to create products that support the development of STEM skills while also challenging drone experts.
Learn more at www.flyblocks.com.