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A Focus RS Re-imagined as an Aston Martin? Yes, Please!

Jonathon Klein

Aston Martin DBF RS2

Chock this next rendering up to youthful exuberance or downright click-bait, but unquestionably super cool. Years ago, Aston Martin inked a deal with Toyota to produce the Aston Martin Cygnet, a rebadged Toyota iQ. Essentially, it was a washing machine with wheels. It also was a hopeless flop; especially considering Aston Martin set the price tag three-times higher than that of the iQ.

This rendering however, we’d love to see become reality, although with a few changes. Created by rendering artist X-Tomi, the render takes the new Ford Focus RS and blends its styling with that of Aston Martin, cheekily calling it the DBF RS.

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We’ll say this right away, this will never happen. Aston Martin was under ownership by Ford from 1994 to 2007, and aren’t likely to get back together. However, it does present an engineering oddity that could be very exciting if done right. Aston Martin is currently in the process of revamping the company’s entire lineup with new chassis’ and new engines supplied from Mercedes. One engine Mercedes is handing over is the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 out of the AMG GT S and C63 S AMG.

That motor is fairly tiny compared to other V8s, and with a little cutting and rearrangement of the engine bay, could conceivably be made to fit in the Focus RS. Imagine a 505 horsepower V8 Focus RS with all-wheel drive. “Ken Block, who?” would have to become Ford’s slogan for the ridiculous car.

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As mentioned above, this will likely never see the light of day, unless someone at next year’s SEMA show reads this and decides they need this amalgamation in their lives, which we would totally support. What’s your opinions on this rendering? Should someone do this? Should Aston Martin work with Ford once again? Or will this be something we only will see in our hopes and dreams?

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