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Food Courts Are For Suckers

Brian Bolan

With all this talk of Washington this and Washington that, debt ceilings and budgets... I am getting sick to my stomach.  I mean how much more of this can we really take?  

With that in mind, I thought about some of the greatest... and less than great ... meals that I have had.  Here and there I have had the pleasure of being at a big box retailer that also serves food.  Sometimes they are good, sometimes, well sometimes I think a traveling chef’s comments would be what we need for these "restaurants."

I have to admit in Chicago I am in love with a particular eatery that is more or less inside a big box style store.  It’s the Home Depot on Elston in the city.  They have the best Depot Dogs of all Depot Dogs style spots.  I love a Depot Dog after another exhausting trip to the Home Depot (HD) so my wife can not make her mind up on cabinet hardware or what type of door knocker we need.  

They are properly positioned at the exit of the store so I don't get all my condiments all over their merchandise.  The dogs are fast, cheap and quite reliable to nourish me on a trip home filled with questions like "maybe I should have bought this kind of thing" ... yeah, me and my Depot Dogs have a special kind of bond.

On the not so good end of things I have a blast from the past.  Back when K-Mart (Sears Holdings (SHLD)) was the hip spot to shop, there was an eatery at the rear of the store.  Can you believe that they served Salisbury Steak there?  Talk about a blue light special.  Now I never had the guts (of steel) to actually buy that treat for $2.99, but someone had to.  Question is are they still alive to tell the tale?

What is your favorite big box eatery?  Which one is the worst?

Chime in below and let us know who has the best food in retail!

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