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It's All Food, Fun, Music and Games at the Game Lounge Grand Opening

The Game Lounge is Denver's first restaurant that features top-notch food, drinks and more board games than you can imagine in a unique atmosphere that focuses on friends, family and the community. Grand Opening on Saturday, September 15, 2018, 11:00AM - 11:00PM.

DENVER, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Game Lounge (http://www.DenverGameLounge.com) is Denver's first restaurant that focuses on excellent, chef-prepared food and scores of interesting and fun board games. After their "soft-opening" week, Adam Alleman, founder and owner of the Game Lounge, is excited to announce the Grand Opening on Saturday, September 15, 2018, beginning at 11:00AM. The kitchen will close at 11:00PM, but the Game Lounge will continue serving drinks and stay open until it is time to close. The Game Lounge is located in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood at 1490 Eudora St.

The idea behind the Game Lounge is to provide a place where families, friends, groups, and organizations can enjoy an environment in which to play interesting and unique board games found in the carefully curated library – from well-known ones you played as a kid to new ones you've never imagined. Customers are welcome to buy any game they play and love. That includes the "Game Lounge Game" created by Alleman himself!

The focus on the food is a crucial part of the Game Lounge experience. Careful attention has been paid to create a menu that rises above typical "gaming atmosphere"-type food. The full-service bar includes a wide variety of creative drinks. The ambience also features hundreds of vinyl records being played to give an interesting spin to the overall atmosphere. Step outside onto the recycled football turf and switch from board games to fun outdoor challenges.

Alleman is a proud member of Good Business Colorado and is passionate about the Game Lounge being a positive light in the community. As a way to continue to build something special while giving back, the Game Lounge is running a Crowdfunding Campaign (http://www.denvergamelounge.com/crowdfunding.php) where contributors can purchase from an eclectic array of items – and 10% of all proceeds go to The Delores Project.

Alleman promises a great time for everyone at the long-awaited Game Lounge Grand Opening.

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Adam Alleman


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