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Ford Chose A Crazy Way To Reveal 'The Future Of Pickup Trucks' In Detroit

Julie Zeveloff

Ford unveiled its new vision for a pickup truck at the Detroit Auto Show today, and the auto maker went all out in its presentation.

Instead of removing a sheet, like most companies do, Ford actually lowered the truck from the ceiling of the Cobo Center in a dramatic reveal. Business Insider's Alex Davies, who was on hand for the event, snapped the photos below.

The truck, named the Ford Atlas, is still a concept, but would be a good addition to Ford's lineup of F-150s, the company's best-selling vehicle. The enormous Atlas has Ford's efficient EcoBoost engine, as well as innovative features designed to make trailer towing and cargo hauling even easier.

To begin with, the massive pickup truck was suspended from the ceiling of Detroit's Cobo Center:

It was slowly lowered on a platform surrounded by men in hard hats:

Finally, it hit the ground (gently), where it was presented by Joe Hinrichs, Ford's US President:

Afterwards, there was a complete mob scene around the car:

Here's a photo of the concept from Ford:

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