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Foreign Expert Workers Wanted for Technology Jobs in New Zealand - New Zealand Visa Expert

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Technology companies in New Zealand are increasingly looking abroad to find skilled and expert professionals to work in New Zealand's growing high-tech industry.

For example, many jobs in New Zealand are available for English-speaking Information Technology (IT) professionals from overseas who are willing to work in Wellington, which is not only the national capital of New Zealand, but is also the country's high-tech capital and a major center for technology in the South Pacific region.

In fact, the demand for high-tech workers in Wellington is so strong that the city recently conducted a global recruitment campaign which offered free travel to New Zealand along with accommodations in Wellington for 100 foreign IT professionals selected from thousands of applicants, under the condition that the winners of this international competition agree to participate in pre-arranged interviews for jobs in New Zealand's technology sector based in the Wellington area.

Thousands of high-tech expert professionals from around the globe applied for the chance to enjoy this free vacation in Wellington and the opportunity to interview for IT jobs in New Zealand, with the greatest interest coming from skilled foreign workers in the US, India, Brazil, Philippines, UK, Singapore, Pakistan, South Africa, Canada and Croatia.

Although applications are no longer being accepted for this particular high-tech worker recruitment campaign in Wellington, foreign workers in several occupations who have good English language abilities and meet other criteria may be able to apply for immigration to New Zealand through the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Resident Visa program.

The New Zealand Visa Expert company has been contacted by numerous clients throughout the world who want to work in New Zealand in the technology sector, including skilled foreign workers in such high-demand occupations as Computer Network Engineers; Electrical Engineers; ICT Systems Analysts; Software Developers; and Telecommunications Network Engineers.

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