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Forex Daily Outlook – January 9, 2019

Colin First
Forex Daily Outlook – April 5, 2019


The pair was mostly stable during the Tuesday’s session, hovering around the 1.1450 level but is continuing to witness a lot of resistance at the 1.15 level above. The 200 Day EMA above will also prove to be extremely resistive for the pair and very difficult to crack above. Going forward, the pair is expected to trade in a tight range and will remain volatile. Rallies in the market will continue to attract sellers back in the market. …Read More


The pair fell during yesterday’s session, reaching down to the 1.27 level as the 1.28 level above continues to be extremely resistive. The market is also facing strong resistance at the 50 Day EMA slope and the Brexit situation is also weighing down the pair. The 1.27 level happens to be a strong support region and if it breaks below, then the pair can reach down to the 1.25 level and 1.22 level eventually. …Read More


The 50 Day EMA continues to be the magnet for the AUD/USD pair, as it mostly hovered around it on Tuesday. With trade talks gaining momentum between the US and China and some potential agreement is likely to be reached, the pair is likely to react accordingly. The 0.7250 level above is massively resistive, and a break above could fuel the pair towards the 0.75 level. Underneath, the 0.70 level will continue to offer strong support. …Read More


The USD trying rallying higher against the JPY in yesterday’s session, but ran into resistance at the 109 level and rolled back a bit. The market continues to be extremely negative and in the hourly chart, 50 Day EMA has crossed below 200 Day EMA, an extremely bearish trend. The 110 level is the ceiling for the market with 105 level underneath will continue to offer strong support to the pair. …Read More

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