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Forex Trading Signals – March 22, 2018

Jack William Everitt

Find out how the interbank compares with the technicals at 8 AM GMT. These are the Daily Trading Signals for Thursday.

Euro/Dollar has mostly green indicators in both the 1 and 4 hour charts. Daily outlook shifts to neutral, which is backed up by the only 3% long interbank sentiment.

The Cable has mostly green signals and bullishness is increasing in longer time ranges. Interbank stance is neutral at less than 6% long. Dollar/Yen’s 1 and 4 hour charts have 4 and 5 sell prompts respectively. 5 models are neutral in the long term.

Interbank exposure is bearish, 33% short, in line with the 1 and 4 hour indicators. Pound/Yen has 6 neutrals in the hourly scale. Mid term chart shows mixed results and 5 models are pointing North in the daily scale. The less than 5% long interbank is neutral, just like the short term models.

Euro/Yen’s hourly studies are mostly green. Mid term indicators are mixed and daily range brings 5 neutrals, which are confirmed by the only 5% long interbank.

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