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Forget passwords, connect any device to this revolutionary Wi-Fi router with a tap

Maren Estrada

Imagine you could set up your Wi-Fi router simply by taking it out of the box and plugging in. Imagine that you could connect to it instantly and securely simply by tapping your device on it. Then imagine that plugging in a second router elsewhere in your home would instantly extend your Wi-Fi network, allowing it to reach the furthest corners of your house.

Now stop imagining and check out the Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router, which is just over $50 on Amazon and it easily one of the smartest routers the world has ever seen.

Here are some key details:

  • One of the “Best new inventions for 2015” sellected by MSN
  • Plug & Play set-up – Boost wifi in 30 seconds
  • Alternative working mode: Universal Wi-Fi Router or Wi-Fi extender / wifi repeater
  • Energy efficient – Average power consumption: 2Watt, energy conservation by up to 60%
  • Multi-color LED light can be controlled/scheduled
  • Qualcomm chipset inside – the strong and reliable signal
  • App support for iOS and android devices, local or remote manage your wifi and devices through App
  • Range Extender mode: We already solved the compatible issues by updating the firmware through App
  • Keewifi Live 24/7 Technical Support: +1 888 881 8818

Keewifi kisslink Wireless Smart Router/ Range Extender/ Repeater - Boost wifi in 30 seconds, Pl…: $50.92

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