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Former Apple store chief Ron Johnson: Amazon is in trouble

Brian Sozzi
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    Sharky McWrath
    It's true. Other retailers have caught up. I just purchased a fridge, washer and dryer from Best Buy. The customer service in-store was outstanding. I got a great deal and they gave me a $150 gift card which I used. Both items I bought online were delivered overnight. Never thought I'd be so happy doing business at Best Buy but they clearly have stepped up their game recently.
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    Truth 101!
    Amazon will weather many storms...JC Penny is far from the success they once were, and Sears missed the boat with the one thing hey were known for, mail order sales..if they would have used the internet to sell their catalog goods, they would be AMAZON...but they missed it.
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    Sure. Ron Johnson is such a retail genius but somehow didn't understand why people shopped at JC Penny and in the process, practically ran the company into the ground. He didn't understand the mindset of a middle class family and the need for JC Penny to keep up the belief that their customer is getting a "deal" on their purchases so that they can feel good about themselves. So when he discontinued the coupon practice at JC Penny, and just lowered the sticker prices across the board, he got rid of the one thing that kept customers shopping at JC Penny. So no, I don't think he knows what he's talking about. Also, his track record at JC Penny means we really have to stop giving credit for his "success" at Apple. The fact is, Apple's infrastructure was so well built during that time that anyone could have had success there.
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    The thing with Amazon is that they're constantly expanding and adapting. They're the trend setters of the retail industry and not just retail either. They have a big hand in logistics and web services and technology too which is the much bigger portion of their revenue really. The retail business is secondary. Other retail giants like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy etc are struggling to keep up with Amazon.

    Businesses only get into trouble when they remain stagnant for too long and I don't see that with Amazon at all. They're the opposite of that. Always expanding and adapting to the ever evolving market.
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    Look, I went online to a wild bird store and a huge garden centre looking for hummingbird feeders and the title didn't even show in their search although I knew from experience that they sold these items. I went to Amazon and found seven pages of hummingbird feeders, yes, seven pages. That's all I need to know. Bricks and mortar needs to reinvent but, I just don't know how in this day and age.
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    I am more interested in finding the next Amazon than in finding the competitors to Amazon. Care to give any hints that way?
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    Amazon to me has always been a growth company that reinvests into new areas of business. Their crown jewel is really AWS, not retail. Retail is evolving. I don't think what we have today as far as retail, is what the landscape will look like in the future.
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    When I need something that I can't just pick up with a quick 15 minute trip into town, the first thing I do is check to see if Amazon has it. Only then do I look to see what the other retailers have. And unless I'm desperate, I'll just order it from Amazon, have it delivered a couple of days later and save myself the trip.
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    The previous 10 years were supposed to be tough for Amazon too.
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    Amazon will be perfectly fine in the next decade Ron.