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Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Shares Her Fashion Secrets

Olivia Culpo is a former Miss Universe — she’s also a social media icon, a model, an actress, and a total trendsetter. If you haven’t already, scroll through the 25-year-old’s Instagram to get a glimpse of her impeccable style (and, of course, her enviable brows) and you’ll see what we mean. Culpo’s red carpet and street style never fail to impress, and her individual twist on trends always leaves us inspired.

But Culpo has much more than that up her gorgeous sleeves. She’s a constant world traveler and a L’Oréal League Ambassador, and she finds time to fill in her fans on her life by sharing beauty tips as well as adorable pics with her Patriots wide-receiver boyfriend, Danny Amendola. As if that weren’t enough, she’s also living out her dream of being a fashion designer. Culpo recently partnered with Le Tote, a subscription service where women can rent and return the latest trends for a monthly fee, to create a summer capsule collection. “I have always been passionate about design and have dreamt about one day having a collection of my own,” Culpo told Yahoo Style. Well, Olivia, your wish came true!

The former Miss Universe looks good in just about everything. (Photo: Le Tote)

We caught up with Culpo this week to discuss everything from her go-to travel outfit to her current Le Tote collaboration.

Yahoo Style: How would you describe your style?

Olivia Culpo: My personal style is very classic with bits of current trends. I’d like to think that the things I’m wearing today I will be able to wear in 10 years.

Olivia hard at work in the design process of her collection. (Photo: Le Tote)

When in a hurry, what is your go-to outfit? 

My go-to outfit would be a pointed-toe pump, a pair of high waisted jeans, either a white button-down or a Wolford bodysuit, a belt, and a nice handbag.

What are your travel-outfit essentials?

It depends where I’m going and what I’m off to do. If I have a really crazy schedule coming up, I’ll probably be a little more comfortable. And if I’m going to wear sweatpants, I’ll probably wear something with a little heel. I’ll never be in sweatpants and sneakers. I can’t do that.

Where do you like to save or splurge on clothing?

I like to save as much money as possible on staples, like a denim, or any sort of a legging, a duster sweater, T-shirt. I like to splurge on more hardware things like a nice belt, or a nice handbag. I also feel like you can save a lot of money on shoes. DSW has really affordable shoes, and also Zara has really trendy shoes for a reasonable price.

Have you influenced Danny’s style at all?

Well, I just buy him things and he wears them [laughs] even if he doesn’t like them, so I guess I’m having that influence on him. He is not super into fashion, but I will say he is very creative — he cuts all of his jeans and sweatpants into shorts — but he really doesn’t have the same kind of passion about it that I do.

Tell us about your collection with Le Tote. Why did you choose to partner with the brand?

I chose to partner with Le Tote because I think it provides fast, effortless fashion for women. The Le Tote model is for any girl who loves to shop. It allows girls to have a selection of clothes that caters to their style. And at the same time, girls are able to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

What was the inspiration behind some of your designs in the collection?

I included a few floral pieces in the collection because I am truly blown away by the natural beauty of all florals. I was inspired by the delicate balance that flowers bring to a busy city in the spring and summer. The inspiration behind the Off Shoulder blouse in my collection is due to the fact that I think the décolletage is a beautiful feature and this blouse perfectly shows it off.

Olivia modeling the Off Shoulder blouse from her collection. (Photo: Le Tote)

Do shoppers have to be a member of Le Tote to purchase items in your collection?

You don’t have to be a member of Le Tote to purchase my collection; it’s accessible to anyone, but the pieces are only available for a limited time.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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