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Former police chief believes Epstein team obtained prosecution's legal documents

Evie Fordham

Ex-Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter said he thinks deceased financier and accused child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's defense team obtained documents given to the state attorney's office before they were supposed to.

"We believed that the content of our probable cause affidavit eventually, some time after we presented it to the state attorney's office, ended up with the defense attorneys," Reiter told NBC News. "Because minute details that nobody else knew that were in those documents were being refuted and contrary information provided by the defense."

"This never happened to me before in my career," he said.

Reiter said he spent years asking state and federal prosecutors in Florida to bring Epstein to justice after the wealthy jetsetter spent minimal time behind bars. Reiter describes Epstein's story as "the worst failure of the criminal justice system" in modern times.

"Epstein found every loophole," Reiter said. "I want some system in the future that this can't happen again."

Reiter told NBC News about other strange occurrences during his investigation of Epstein. He thinks Epstein may have been tipped off and "cleaned up" before camera-carrying detectives entered his home.The home's surveillance camera footage was nowhere to be find.


"And all the wires were left hanging there," Reiter said.

Epstein was a Wall Street moneyman with a compound in Palm Beach, Florida, where he allegedly sexually abused as many as 100 underage girls. He died by suicide on Aug. 10.

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