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Former Purdue Professor’s Book Invites Readers on a Journey to Explore Consciousness


Green Age Press announces a new book by Regina Leffers, Ph.D., titled “What Is Consciousness?,” that invites readers on an exploration of and conversation about consciousness. Leffers, who has undergraduate degrees in psychology and philosophy and a doctorate in philosophy from Purdue University, explains in layman’s terms why an understanding of consciousness can lead us to be healthier humans, learn to solve problems, feel compassion for others and ultimately live in a more civil manner with others.

Leffers describes consciousness as a cloud of potential awareness, part of the unseen world that permeates all the space and material of existence. She details the nine “facets” of consciousness, from the most basic -- “Survive” (focusing on basic needs of food, water, shelter and safety) -- to the most expanded, “Be Creation” (a feeling of love toward, and oneness with, the entire universe). In each facet, we attain essential skills, and we grow in consciousness in our response to different conditions life presents to us. In every area of life, we choose to respond from an internal position of love or to react from fear at any given moment.

Because each person lives from within a facet of consciousness with its own perspective, Leffers maintains this determines how we see, experience and interpret the world. Also, individuals can become “stuck” in a facet and must gain insight through therapy or meditation to move forward. In each chapter, Leffers provides one action step to take to explore consciousness more fully.

“What Is Consciousness?” is available on www.amazon.com for $7.48. For more information, visit www.reginaleffers.com.

Leffers is former director of the Center of Excellence for the Built Environment for the College of Engineering, Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Professor of Sustainable Construction. She was a founder of the Northeast Indiana Green Build Coalition and Co-Chair of the Green Ribbon Commission for the City of Fort Wayne in 2006. Her previous books include “I am a Miracle Magnet (in Ten Easy Steps),” “Rethinking the Heart of Being Human,” “Sustainable Construction and Design” and “The Green Age: Transforming Your Life Choices for the 21st Century,” with Patrick J. Ashton, Ph.D. and Matt Kubik, Architect.

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