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The Formula to Get Your Resume Past the 10-second Test

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numb3r via Flickr

numb3r via Flickr


The first hurdle to overcome when attempting to move up in your career is getting your resume noticed. Everyone has a hard time with this one, because hiring managers and recruiters spend less than 10 seconds glancing at your resume before deciding if you’re worth their time or not.

That’s right – 10 seconds. Keep that in mind when writing your resume because if they don’t see what they want to see, there goes your shot at a new job.

And what is it that they want to see? Well that’s where we come in. We’ve outlined the top five pieces of information that you have to put right at the top of your resume in a value statement, to catch the reader’s attention.

1. Your Title

Who are you and what do you do? Whether you’re a recent graduate, entry-level candidate or seasoned professional, you want to immediately tell the hiring manager your level and your current title. That way, they can determine if the role you are applying for is a logical next step for you.

2. Years of Experience

Almost every single job posting you’ve ever read specifies the number of years of experience that the candidate should have. This is one of the first pieces of information that a hiring manager wants to make sure you have, so tell them right away.

3. Academics

Along with years of experience, every job posting will also state the minimum level of formal education required for the role. Whether you went to school recently or 15 years ago, the hiring manager still needs to know if you fulfill that requirement.

4. Industry Experience

If you already have experience in the industry you are applying for a role within, then you’ve got the upper hand when it comes to the other candidates. If you don’t have related industry experience, mention the industries you have experience with and make notion to how you easily transferred your skills between different industries in previous roles.

5. Achievements

What is your most impressive accomplishment that is related to the role you are applying for? If you’re looking at a management role, your accomplishment could be managing a team of 75 direct reports while providing all training and development materials. If you’re in sales, your accomplishment could be consistently exceeding annual quotas by a minimum of 10 per cent.

In this section, try to include numbers as they’ll really jump off the page. This accomplishment is the final ingredient in successfully piquing the hiring manager’s interest.

Now they know that you are qualified for the role and they are slightly impressed by what you’ve accomplished, and your ten seconds is up. However, they are still reading through your resume because you have them hooked.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully overcome the first hurdle.

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