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Forrester Unveils FeedbackNow 2.0, A Real-Time CX Analytics Solution

Powering customer experience improvements that drive growth

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Forrester today released FeedbackNow 2.0, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) platform that enables companies to monitor and improve their experiences in real time. In an integrated platform, FeedbackNow 2.0 combines in-the-moment feedback from digital and physical channels with Forrester's leading CX analytics, focusing firms on the experiences that will drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Organizations have traditionally approached CX as a standalone program, built on historical data and retrospective feedback. Subsequently, efforts to improve experience became static, siloed from the business, and slow to respond to changes in customer expectations and needs. FeedbackNow 2.0 addresses these issues by capturing real-time, relevant, and contextual feedback; overcoming the longstanding division between digital and physical experiences; and providing clear and immediate guidance on which experiences should change.

"In today's age of the customer, experiences need to be monitored and improved in real time," said George F. Colony, Forrester's CEO. "It's no longer enough to survey customers and fix problems days or weeks after the fact. And today's CX measurement tools aren't sufficient. Companies are lacking two things: true, in-the-moment feedback and proactive, actionable guidance. That's why Forrester developed FeedbackNow 2.0 — so that companies can listen and respond to feedback immediately and understand which CX investments will have the biggest impact on their business."

FeedbackNow 2.0's real-time feedback collection expands on FeedbackNow 1.0, which generates over 350,000 votes per day worldwide. Forrester acquired FeedbackNow in June of 2018. Additionally, the solution is grounded in Forrester's more than 20 years of deep research in CX, which reveals that customer experience leaders grow revenue faster, drive brand preference, and can charge more for their products.

The key features and benefits of FeedbackNow 2.0 include:

Delivering seamless CX. Unify digital (e.g., website) and physical (e.g., in-store) experiences using in-moment feedback to identify areas of inconsistent CX.

Empowering operational CX. Activate CX across customer-facing channels and arm frontline management and teams to proactively respond to customer feedback.

Converting CX improvements to business growth. Focus on the experiences with the greatest customer and financial impact while also continually optimizing CX strategy and customer service operations using Forrester's proprietary CX principles.


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