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'Fortnite' begins 14 Days of Summer event, find out what's involved

Each day brings back a different retired weapon, new Limited Time Mode, challenge, and reward, as well as the obligatory outfits and new featured islands in Creative mode.

Running June 24 to July 8, the annual mid-year program of "Fortnite" events contains a daily rotation of Limited Time Modes, vaulted weapons, challenges, and rewards.

Cosmetic character outfits will also be going up in the "Fortnite" in-game store for those looking to spend their V-Bucks accordingly.

The official "Fortnite" blog spelt out the 14 Limited Time Modes that players could look forward to as the event went live.

Posted in no particular order, those included Heavy Metal Squads, in which only weapons with heavy in the name would be made available (plus faster metal farming rates and storm times) to a water balloon event called Splashdown Squads.

Squad game Storm Chasers: Surfin' pops every player on a vehicle, Tank Battle cranks up players' health and shields but withholds healing items, while Builders' Paradise bolsters structure health and resource gathering rates while letting any player alter any other player-created wall.

The John Wick elimination mode, Wick's Bounty, returns as one of several LTMs designed for two-player Duo teams.

It's joined by Leave None Behind, resource scarcity mode Use With Care, and a headshots-only mode.

Solo players have Arsenal, which starts players with the best weapons but gives them worse weapons with each elimination, and Power Up, which has players consuming shields to increase overall capacity.

The remaining Squads modes are to be a high-stakes Rumble, automatic arsenal refresher Loadout Swap, and the metal and stone Strategic Squads mode.