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Fortnite Launches Batman Crossover, teases streaming reveal

Mike Cherico

Epic Games' Fortnite turned its Batsignal toward the sky and confirmed what gaming insiders had suspected: there will be a Fortnite-Batman crossover.

Fortnite, America's most popular video game, tweeted a link Friday to a Youtube page calling out to gamers, comic book fans, Fortnite players and — most of all — Batman lovers to prepare for a live streaming event Saturday at 8 a.m. EST, for the "#FortniteXBatman Reveal."

Earlier this week, the Fortnite community was stirred into a frenzy when Twitter user, Lucas7yoshi , leaked what he claimed to be top-secret Batman related images Fortnite was preparing to release. The combination of the legendary DC Comics superhero and the popular Epic Games hit was enough to put the gaming world on notice and seems to be confirmed with this latest tweet from the gaming giant.

The planned streaming reveal will likely include the leaked images of Batman’s grapnel gun, an explosive Batarang and a Batman banner, which may all be available for purchase soon to Fortnite players. Epic Games makes money with Fortnite through in-game sales and subscriptions rather than selling cartridges and disks.

Epic Games declined to comment about the once-secret collaboration, and DC Comics parent company, Warner Bros., did not reply to a request for comment.


The free platform that has made Fortnite so popular and easy to access for fans relies on crossover marketing techniques like the Batman promotion to keep fans interested and money flowing through in-game sales and subscriptions. Epic Games, has enjoyed the success of their top game which, according to Engadget, has helped the company increase their value to about $15 billion dollars.

This will be yet another comic book collaboration in Fortnite’s free to play Battle Royal mode. Prior Fortnite crossovers have included Avengers gear for Fornite players to geek out on as well as other pop culture references from “John Wick,” “Stranger Things” and “Borderlands.”

Epic Games has scheduled their Batman reveal to coincide with “Batman Day,” an annual event where DC Comic book fans celebrate the masked heroes anniversary.

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