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Fortune 500 Betting Big on Sales Coaching and Gamification

Enterprise sales teams are investing in sales coaching software to compete in 2020

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in sales coaching and gamification software to put them ahead of competitors in 2020.

Formal sales coaching programs are shown to increase win rates by 28%, according to CSO Insights. More enterprise and mid-market companies are seeking out sales coaching and gamification software providers, like Ambition, to bring automation, consistency and engagement to their sales coaching initiatives.

"Sales gamification has evolved into a powerful tactic to improve sales performance," said Jared Houghton, Ambition's CRO. "But when gamification is part of a holistic sales coaching strategy, that's when long-lasting behavior change and culture shifts happen. Our enterprise customers, including ADP, Waste Management, HPE and Allegis Group have found this to be true."

In Q1, Ambition is rolling out a new suite of sales coaching functionality, featuring an unprecedented level of automation that allows managers to coach reps in real time, in the areas they need it most.

"Without Ambition, we'd be operating blind," said Kyle Pottinger, the Senior VP of Ticket Sales with the Phoenix Suns. "With Ambition, our sales team understands which key activities will lead to success, and our leadership team understands how to coach on those items."

To learn more about sales coaching and Ambition's enhanced coaching platform, visit ambition.com

About Ambition

Ambition is the leading sales coaching and gamification platform for mid-market and enterprise sales teams. Thousands of sales managers across the globe use Ambition to get real-time performance insights, coach reps to success, and drive long-term behavior change with gamification. Transform your team into a world-class sales org with Ambition.


Keely Hungate
Marketing | Ambition


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