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Founder of virtual women's clinic explains the problem with health care

Katherine Ryder saw a problem with health care in the U.S., so she built a digital platform to provide democratized access between patients and providers.

Maven Clinic is a women-and family-focused health care company that provides access to practitioners via an app-based virtual clinic.

“About 98 percent of our providers are female and obviously the lion’s share of our patients are female as well,” says Ryder. Maven takes a holistic approach to health care, connecting patients with 18 different types of specialists ranging from ob-gyn to career coaches to maternal mental health.

In 2016, 23% of mothers were back on the job within 10 days of giving birth and an additional 22% returned within 40 days, according to the US Department of Labor.

The problem with health care involves the lack of women-focused care, according to Maven Founder Katherine Ryder. (Photo: screenshot/Yahoo Finance)

“Health care is the number one driver of bankruptcy in this country,” Ryder tells Yahoo Finance in the video above. “Women weren’t even a part of clinical trials until the early ’90s … there’s just so much of medicine that has not focused on the needs of the female patient or the unique biology of women.”

Nevertheless, Rydes is optimistic about her goals to provide “fertility, maternity, and return to work care to really advance women in the workforce and help solve this leadership gap we’re seeing at the top of companies.”

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