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Four Loko Hard Seltzer Plans Has People Buzzing

William White

A Four Loko hard seltzer is on the way and it has people talking.

Four Loko Hard Seltzer Plans Has People Buzzing

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The new Four Lojko hard seltzer was announced by the company via its Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) account. The company shares an image of the can, which reveals some hints about what customers can expect from the drink.

Starting off, the new drink is called the “Four Loko Sour Seltzer with a Hint of Blue Razz”. The can also includes the alcohol by volume level for the drink, which is sitting at 14%. It also advertises itself as the “Hardest seltzer in the universe.”

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Here’s how users on Twitter are reacting to the news about a Four Loko hard seltzer.

  • “Well a lot of Kylies are about to be blacking out and fighting Kyles.”
  • “Man I didn’t think this was how we were gonna go 😓”
  • “Y’all over here shocked at 14%… have y’all lived through original four loko circa 2009-2010 when it had crack? 😭 14% ain’t shit compared to the devils spit we was drinking.”
  • “If this is real please send me some. In a sense, I am part seltzer, part Four Loko. I will be your spokeswoman and whatever heart palpitations come my way I will not disclose it to my audience.”
  • “Hard seltzer’s ran so college students could streak naked blackout through their dorms on four loko seltzer.”
  • “SERIOUSLY? I’ve seen the negative affect Four Loko has had on young people and middle aged adults. How can this new drink be positive in any way?”

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