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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s snarky eclipse coverage

While much of the country was gripped by eclipse mania, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith could not have cared less. Smith spent the majority of his broadcast mocking the eclipse with feigned excitement about the scientific phenomenon.

“It’s fascinating. It’s amazing. Oh my god,” Smith exclaimed sarcastically. “The moon has gotten in front of the … okay, well, I don’t know. It’s interesting-looking. The sun looks a little like the moon up there on my wall.”

To hammer home the point of just how little he cared about the eclipse, Smith demonstrated how an eclipse works, using objects in the newsroom.

“Want to see a total eclipse of this monitor?” Smith asked before holding a piece of paper up to the camera, blocking the view of the monitor. “It’s totally eclipsed.”

He did the same thing using a mouse and his iPhone, calling it a “total eclipse of the phone.”

The Fox News field reporter who was on with Smith may have summed up Smith’s eclipse coverage perfectly, saying, “I’m having a total eclipse of the brain.”

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