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Fox News' Eric Bolling just inadvertently gave a dynamite endorsement of the Obama presidency

Bob Bryan

Fox News commentator Eric Bolling took a look Friday at the economic track record of President Donald Trump at the end of the first quarter to 2017, compared to his predecessor Barack Obama.

Bolling held up a white board that showed various economic data points, from unemployment to consumer confidence to average home price.

Here's the board, via a tweet from White House senior adviser Dan Scavino:

The board is actually a great endorsement of the Obama presidency. The former president took over in the depths of the worst recession since the Great Depression, as people worried the economic system as we knew it was collapsing. In eight years, Obama handed off an economy with a strong labor market, low unemployment, a huge housing recovery, vastly improved consumer confidence, and a tick up in average hourly earnings.

The board provides a good look at just how solid the recovery was under Obama.

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