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Fragrance-inspired Artworks Captivate the Senses during the Fourth Edition of the "Art of Aromas" Scholarship Competition

Three Students from Miami Arts Charter in Wynwood Win $4,500 in Scholarships for Scented Artwork, Photography and Installations

MIAMI, Feb. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Students from the Miami Arts Charter in Wynwood participated in the fourth installment of the Art of Aromas Scholarship Competition, where they displayed their creative artwork inspired by a mystery fragrance during a reception last week. This year's competition had entries from more than 130 students, and featured a variety of works including photography, fashion, paintings, graphic designs and more.

Artist: Jade Peraza; Artwork: One of the Dangers of the World

The competition is sponsored by the Doctor Aromas Foundation, a local non-profit that focuses on fragrance research and incorporating the sense of smell into the creative process. Since its inception in 2016, the Doctor Aromas Foundation has presented more than $16,000 in scholarships to date.

Doctor Aromas Foundation is pleased to announce the following top winners of the 2020 Art of Aromas competition:

  • First Place - Maria Alejandra Espejo "Ethereal"
  • Second Place - Nathaniel Campos "Sytrine"
  • Third Place - Isabella Sanchez "Popsicream"

"This competition gave our students the chance to explore their skills in an exciting way. It was fun to see the students immerse themselves in the process of creating artwork inspired by fragrance while also making the fragrance an integral part of the finished artwork," says Gary Logan, visual art director for MAC Wynwood. 

The mystery fragrance revealed during the reception was Alegria. This fragrance, created in collaboration with Cosmo Fragrances, consists of a soft and sensual blend of exquisite florals, combined with delicate jasmines, sweet vanilla orchid, and warm apple accents infused with orange and cedar-wood essential oils.  

Winners were chosen by a panel of judges that included local curator Mali Parkerson, gallery owner Troy Taylor, and fragrance industry expert Florie-Ann Tanquerel.

"We look forward to continuing our relationship with Miami Arts Charter and supporting these very talented students," says Marcelo Zelicovich, founder of Doctor Aromas. "Fragrance is an important element to a multitude of creative endeavors, and we are proud to provide an atmosphere that encourages emerging talent to grow."

About the Doctor Aromas Foundation:
The Doctor Aromas Foundation is the philanthropic side of Doctor Aromas. Doctor Aromas is the only fragrance delivery system that works through your central air conditioning without using electrical power, to evenly distribute the most pleasant scents through your entire home or business. Containing the finest cosmetic grade fragrances and pure essential oils, Doctor Aromas' unique scents have the remarkable ability to help enhance both mental and physical wellbeing, while creating an extremely pleasant environment.


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