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Franchise Direct Completes 2013 Top 100 Global Franchises Ranking Report

2013 Global Top 100 Top 10 Click here for high-resolution version

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2013) - After months of data review and compilation, Franchise Direct now publishes its Top 100 Global Franchises Report for 2013 which features rankings and methodology information for how the report is compiled. Spanning the globe, this annual report offers a comprehensive portrait of some of the world's most accomplished franchise systems based on select criteria.

This exclusive report highlights some of the latest franchise industry shifts associated with the challenges and triumphs that affect operations, from an increased boom in home-based franchising due to shifts in employment trends on the general job market as well as changes in commodities pricing which continues to impact how franchises adapt and maintain relevance alongside the changes. Country franchising potential ranking compiled by Edwards Global Services based on a number of sources is also available in the report, which features categorical rankings for how franchising is expected to develop within certain countries.

The valuable and extensive information made available in this report allows franchise professionals, whether prospective or existing to the industry, to evaluate some of the top franchises worldwide along with the specific qualities of franchise systems that have contributed to their global success. The latest news on franchising hot spots where local franchising markets are seeing expansion is also expanded on within the report, including South American, Middle Eastern, and African countries.

While the report features both U.S. and non-U.S. based franchises, a special emphasis section is allotted to those franchise systems outside the U.S. franchise industry that have garnered much attention for their noteworthy success. Newcomers to the Top 100 Global Franchises Report are also emphasized in addition to franchises that have experienced an honorable increase in their expansion efforts, boosting their rank this year. 

Criteria on which the report is based include:

  • System size, based on number of units
  • Company sales revenue
  • Number of years in franchising
  • Stability and growth
  • Support for prospective and current franchisees
  • Environmental policies
  • Corporate citizenship  

About Franchise Direct: Franchise Direct is an online portal for the franchise community that operates a suite of ten multilingual sites in some of the world's major economies.