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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Historic NYC Showroom Demolished

Jeff Perez

In 1955, the Hoffman Auto Showroom opened to the general public, and while it may not have been one of the most significant architectural feats of the era, it was a hidden piece of history on a busy New York City street corner. The showroom was unlike any other, thanks to legendary designer Frank Lloyd Wright.

Located at 430 Park Avenue in New York City, the showroom built for Max Hoffman was home to some the most exotic European cars from around the world, although, mostly Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. It was also only one of three Frank Lloyd Wright projects found in the entire city. Now, it’s gone forever.

Frank Lloyd Wright Showroom 2

Current owners of the building decided rather than to preserve the showroom for any sort of historical relevance- against the wishes of Mercedes-Benz, the Landmarking Committee and the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy- they would demolish it. All of it.

This unfortunate news reveals the new space could turn into yet another bank on yet another NYC street corner. It’s extremely saddening to see such a historic piece go…

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Source: New York Times
Photo Credit: Ezra Stroller/Esto