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Frankie Banali Battling Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer: 'Original Prognosis Was Very Scary'

Karen Mizoguchi

Frankie Banali has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Quiet Riot drummer made a statement through podcast star Mitch Lafron’s Facebook page on Monday. Banali’s bandmate Alex Grossi also shared the same statement on his personal Facebook page.

“I just want to let all of my friends and fans know what’s going on with me and why I have unfortunately missed some appearances this year. Since April 17th I have been battling stage four pancreatic cancer,” the statement read, along with a photo of Banali that was taken on Saturday.

“The original prognosis was very scary. I had quite a battle on my hands and it took a lot, but I am thankful to say that after several rounds of chemo and other treatments I am on the mend,” the statement continued.

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Larry Marano/Getty

“The road ahead is not going to be easy but cancer has met its match and I plan to continue fighting. I wish I could have been with you all at every Quiet Riot performance as this is the first time in 38 years I have ever missed a gig,” the statement said. “Please know that if I had been able to fly on a plane and play a show nothing else would have stopped me. I am feeling much better and stronger now.”

Banali, who joined Quiet Riot in 1982, also announced he intends to perform with the band later this week at the Whiskey A-Go-Go on Saturday and hopes to continue touring in 2020.

The band reunited in 2010, three years after the death of singer Kevin DuBrow, who died of a cocaine overdose at age 52 in November 2010.

Quiet Riot is set to release their new album Hollywood Cowboys on Nov. 8.