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Freddie Freeman dressed up as Willy Wonka for his son Charlie's first birthday

Freddie Freeman would do anything for his kid, and that includes dressing up as Willy Wonka. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)

Baseball players who are parents aren’t any different than parents who aren’t baseball players. Everyone loves their kids more than words and wants to give them the world. Freddie Freeman, first baseman for the Atlanta Braves, is just like that. His son, Frederick Charles Freeman II, turned 1 on Sept. 15, and he and his wife Chelsea wanted to give him an incredible first birthday party.

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And boy, did they ever. They call the little guy Charlie, so they gave him a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” themed party. And it all started with Charlie’s dad dressing up as Willy Wonka, which is adorable and sweet. It’s a little weird to see Freeman, a pretty fearsome baseball player, dressed up as Willy Wonka, complete with purple jacket, velvet top hat and curly wig. But he’s obviously happy to do this for his son, and little Charlie is so excited about his party that he’s rubbing his hands together and looking off camera.

What could Charlie be looking at? How about the insanely awesome party and the truckloads of candy waiting for him.

The ridiculous cake for Charlie Freeman’s birthday party. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)

In that picture alone, there’s an insane cake, a smaller cake, a glass jar of multicolored popcorn, a jar of foil covered chocolates and in the bottom left corner that might be a bunch of candy covered pretzel rods. Can you get a sugar high from just looking at photos? Here are more photos of Charlie’s party, so let’s find out:

The balloons are candy colored, but probably not edible. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)

If you look closely at the tablescape above, you can see that the napkin rings are actually the candy dots you eat off of paper, which is an incredible detail.

More candy! (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)
The happy Willy Wonka family. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)

That looks like a seriously fun party. And the guest of honor definitely had the best time.

Little Charlie Freeman, covered in cake. (Instagram/@chelseafreeman5)

Little Charlie may not be able to remember this party, but Freddie and Chelsea gave him an extremely good time. Because for 1-year-olds, fun is measured in the amount of cake on their face/body after a party.

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