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FreightWaves LIVE Badass Guarantee


FreightWaves LIVE is the freight transportation industry's premier conference focused on the future of the industry: where innovation and markets collide.

Unlike most freight conferences that talk about technology, FreightWaves LIVE immerses you in the future, whether it's near-term, into 2020, or into the next decade. It's an event attended by executives from companies who care about the future of freight and want to shape it.

But it's unlike any other conference in freight: it's fast and badass, providing immersive access to disruptive technology and networking opportunities with top innovators in the global logistics space. 

FreightWaves is the leading provider of news, data, and context in the global freight market, and LIVE is the in-person event that brings together thinkers with a deep understanding of the tech innovation and investment cycle of venture, along with leading startups that are creating the applications of the future.

The two-day Chicago event brings in the top thinkers in the future of transportation to talk about emerging trends in technology and finance as well as the current state of freight markets. The quality of thought leadership on the future of the industry is unmatched anywhere on the planet during the two-day event.

Venture capitalists invested billions of dollars in logistics startups in the past year. The global transportation space is being disrupted by upstarts, forcing incumbents to respond. With a deep understanding of the tech innovation and investment cycle of venture firms in the space, FreightWaves LIVE is the ultimate spot for interpreting how venture investment will transform the market. Our founder, Craig Fuller, dissected how venture investors think about investing and how this trend should be taken seriously. 

"Most technology conferences in the freight space feel like an academic lecture, with long rambling panels that never seem to end and offer little insight into the freight market or its future. FreightWaves LIVE is different. It's an immersive experience where we bring in the top innovators and thinkers of the future of the market, giving them a forum that is quick and always moving. The sessions are meant to be fast, but deep in context." Fuller stated.

In addition to providing thought-provoking leadership, FreightWaves invites the top innovators and tech companies from startups to the Fortune 100—to demo their technology for seven minutes live in front of an audience of potential clients, partners, investors, and influencers. 70+ companies will be chosen to take the stage and demo their technology live, without the use of Powerpoint. 

More than 1,500 C-level executives from the global logistics space are expected to be present in Chicago on November 12/13, with over 300 companies already registered

Dozens of venture capitalists attend FreightWaves events and use the forum to network with startups, meet new ones, and even close deals. Many VCs will host invite only dinners and receptions around the event for the hottest startups in the space.

"A banker who goes to all of the major tech conferences put on by news organizations in freight told me that other events in the freight space are ‘like funerals of someone who has been sick for many years- a depressing event done on the cheap where old legacy companies lament about what's to come, talking about past glories,'" said Fuller in a prior post. "But the same banker described FreightWaves LIVE as ‘an over the top wedding of a hot young celebrity couple, madly in love'—there are exciting possibilities, energy, and tons of action. Everyone who is fashionable is there and everyone who wants to interact with them are also there."

Now FreightWaves is offering a badass guarantee for FreightWaves LIVE.

If you don't think FreightWaves LIVE is a badass experience, you can get 100% of your ticket reimbursed. Most events and conferences are time-sucks. They don't respect your time, are boring, and lack insightful discussion. We have built FreightWaves LIVE to be a super fast, highly engaging experience with the most powerful thinkers in our industry that is also fun and unbelievably rewarding. In other words, badass. If we don't live up to that promise, we will refund your ticket, no questions asked.

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