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The French army just trolled Trump for his aversion to rain and it's deliciously brutal

Rachel Thompson

You know the saying: A bit of rain never hurt anyone.

Well, that's certainly the message France's army is sending out today, mere days after Trump cancelled a visit to a U.S. war cemetery near Paris due to "bad weather". World leaders that day were marking 100 years since the end of World War One

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Images of other world leaders — like Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel — attending Armistice events that day despite the poor weather threw Trump's absence into sharp relief. Per the Associated Press, the White House cited bad weather grounding the President's helicopter.

Well, two days after Trump's rainy no-show, the French army has weighed in with a rather brilliant tweet. 

"There's rain, but it's not serious," it reads. "We're staying motivated." 

Even a bit of drizzle might stop the leader of the free world, but it won't deter these soldiers. 

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